About KZN Boards

KZN Boards was launched by Farouk Khan who has been in the board business for the past 27 years. KZN boards is regarded as the largest Independent board merchant in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. We supply quality products and have the most up to date cutting edge machinery to cut and edge all products giving the customer the best quality and service. We have experienced technicians who operate cnc machines for all specialized work for interior designs and shopfitters. We have well trained staff who are experienced in the industry to provide technical data and product knowledge for the correct application.



Team of KZN Boards

Our well experienced staff from directors, management teams and sales representatives are well equipped to assist you with your project be it personal or large scale development.


Founder and CEO

Mr Khans experience in the board industry is extensive with his humble beginings in the manufacture of quality furniture on a large scale for chain stores and has just done exactly that with KZN Boards, which now has becomes KZN's largest supplier of quality textured and acrlyic laminated boards.


General Manager

Zunaid the son of Founder and CEO Farouk Khan has joined the business in 2014 and helped grow the business to new level aquiring continental agency rights for three of the top five international textured and gloss laminated board suppliers. Making KZN Boards the Interior designers and contractors destination of choice.